What makes marketing technology work


What makes marketing technology work

We make marketing technology work. Of course, we are not just saying that because it sounds cool (we think it does). We truly believe we can make it work because of our way of working and thinking.

For us, there is no 'secret sauce' to that. To get the most out of your marketing technology efforts, we think it comes down to two simple things:

1. Know your company and your customers really well.

2. Know the technology you use really well.

That looks like a straightforward approach, right? Let's dive into it and see what we exactly mean.

Know your company and your customers really well.

The most crucial thing in marketing technology is not the technology part, but the marketing part. Everything we do - creating websites and commerce solutions, building marketing automation campaigns, creating apps; really everything we do is useless if it does not align with the overarching marketing strategy.

As such, excellent alignment with your companies objectives is critical.

And all our hard work would be equally useless if we do not consider the customers' intent when they interact with your company on the digital channels your technology is supporting.

For your digital channels, the rules of marketing are not different from any other channels! You have some different tactics to apply, so that means additional creative possibilities!

So we believe it is about getting the message across to your customers. And to get the right message in the right channel for the right person, we need to thoroughly understand what 'right' means to both the organization and its clients

Know the technology you use really well

We strongly believe in thinking inside the box. By knowing the boundaries of the technology we use, we can design and define solutions that require fewer customizations and utilize more of the best practices that are available and bundled in the technology.

WCM, DXP, E-Commerce are not new technologies, and there are a lot of long-established companies active in the market that see way more customers than we do.

As a result, the software they have created has matured over the years and now bundles loads of experience and insights. Tapping into this wealth of what is already available can make your solution not only more powerful from a functional level but give you more speed to market.

And speed is critical in your digital channels, and that is not only for a swift to market for your first release. Speed is essential in your ability to change. You see, building a website, shop, or app will never be a one-off activity. Even if we do our work flawless the first time, your customers' intent might change; your companies strategy might change (let's call that 'digital transformation' if you have to); you will certainly learn what works for your customers and what is not working.

So make sure you have the flexibility in your marketing technology to adjust and revise.


Boris Leenaars


Boris has been building for the world wide web since 1996.

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